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10 Possible Reasons Why Your Teeth Are Sensitive to Heat

We get it — sometimes the food’s too tempting to wait for it to cool down, and you burn your tongue. But wait, why are your teeth hurting when exposed to heat? If this is true, chances are that your teeth are sensitive to heat. When enamel wears away over time, it...

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5 Potential Causes of Tooth Pain After Brushing | What to Do?

Do your teeth hurt after brushing? Dentists stress brushing and flossing — the two essential components of optimal oral hygiene. But, sometimes, people might experience tooth pain after brushing. It could be because you are not following the proper instructions for...

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My Teeth Are Breaking into Pieces — Should I Be Worried?

It is pretty common for teeth to break, be it an injury or excessive decay. But teeth breaking into pieces is not something you hear about every day. After all, dental enamel is the strongest tissue in the human body, and it is meant to endure daily wear and tear....

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Cavity Filling Procedure — How Long Will It Take?

When a tooth experiences advanced decay, you will notice pain, tooth sensitivity, a hole in the tooth, and other symptoms that indicate a visit to the dentist. Dental fillings are among the most common tooth procedures performed, essentially to fill a cavity. This...

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Sudden Brown Stains Between Teeth — What Should I Do?

Noticing a sudden brown stain between your teeth can be terrifying — what could it possibly mean? However, before you start panicking, tooth discoloration between teeth is pretty common. In fact, there are a number of reasons why you may develop brown spots on the...

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