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How Does A Dentist Kill A Nerve In Your Tooth?

The question “How does a dentist kill a nerve in your tooth?” can make you think, if they're killing the nerve, won't that make the tooth dead too? Not exactly. While the nerve is causing pain and sensitivity, it's not crucial for the tooth's function or health once...

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Can You Reverse A Cavity?

Cavities are reversible only if they are caught super early. People hate to hear that they have cavities; they require treatments like fillings and root canals. These result in greater dental bills and lengthy visits. Cavities are the start of a tooth’s gradual dying...

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White Spots on Gums from Brushing Too Hard

Ever got a bruise on your limb during sports activities or an accidental hit on a piece of furniture? And the moment someone sees that bruise they ask what happened, did you hurt yourself? The same is the case with your gums. When your gums suffer trauma or a hit due...

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What Causes Canker Sores in Kids?

Has it ever happened to you that you took a bite of your favorite spicy food, and it started stinging badly? There’s hardly an adult who didn’t develop a canker sore in their childhood. It might be due to a mouth ulcer called canker sore. Children are especially...

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How Long Does Teeth Bonding Last on Front Teeth

With the ground-breaking advancements in cosmetic dentistry, nobody likes to roam around with a gap in their front or chipped teeth. New methods and techniques are being introduced each time to raise the bar higher and higher. Achieving that big white Hollywood smile...

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