Crown and Bridge Preparation Treatment

Numbness: Your mouth will be numb approximately two to four hours. Do not bite, scratch, or injure the cheek, lips, or tongue during this time. You can carefully drink little sips of water during this time but avoid eating. Please call our office if your numbness has persisted more than a day.

Temporary Crown/Bridge: After your first appointment for crown and bridge treatment, a temporary crown or bridge is usually placed on the tooth or teeth involved. The temporary crown protects while the custom crown is being produced. Temporary cement is used so that the crown can be easily removed at your next appointment. Please avoid hard and sticky foods on the side of the temporary teeth to avoid pulling them off. You can brush around your temporary teeth gently. You may not be able to floss if the temporary teeth are connected together but you can floss between the temporary and adjacent natural teeth. Pull out the floss to the side rather than up or down from the tooth.

If your temporary crown comes off before your next appointment, please call our office for further instructions.

Color and feel of temporary crown/Bridge: We try our best to make the temporary teeth as comfortable and esthetic for you as possible, however they may not feel as smooth as your natural teeth or permanent crown and the shape may not be as accurate. Your permanent crown or bridge will look and feel very close to your natural teeth.

Gum Soreness: Some gum soreness around the teeth is expected after crown and bridge preparation due to manipulation of these tissues during impression. If you need to, you can take over the counter pain medicines or use topical Orajel for temporary pain relief. You may also notice minor bleeding from the gums especially while brushing. However in most cases, the discomfort is minor and typically improves in 1-2 days. If persistent, please call our office immediately.

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