In Office Zoom Whitening

Zoom! Whitening – Post Operative Instructions

Congratulations on completing the Zoom Whitening Process! The next 48 hours are important in enhancing and maximizing your whitening results for a long lasting, bright and healthy smile.

Spotting: Color Spotting on the teeth may occur after Zoom In-Office Whitening due to temporary dehydration of the teeth. This should diminish within a few days after treatment. The whitening process will continue for 48 hours after treatment.

Sensitivity: During the first 24 hours after whitening treatment, some patients can experience some tooth sensitivity or pain. This is normal and is usually mild, but it can be worse in susceptible individuals. Normally, tooth sensitivity or pain following a treatment subsides within 24 hours, but in rare cases can persist for longer periods of time. You may wish to take an over-the-counter pain reliever (one you would use for a headache). Some patients experience sensitivity such as “zingers” or thermal sensitivity 12 to 24 hours after Zoom! whitening. Place the Relief ACP gel (in your take home bag) on the problem area to help reduce symptoms of sensitivity. Once you receive your customize take home trays, you can place a small amount of gel in each tooth of your whitening trays and wear the tray for 30-60 minutes. This will help calm the teeth down during sensitive episode. Brushing your teeth with sensitive toothpaste, such as Sensodyne, or Fluoride Sensitivity Relief toothpaste for the weeks following the procedure is strongly recommended. Now that your teeth are significantly whiter, there are a few guidelines to help maintain the look of your new smile. The teeth have a protective protein layer called the pellicle. This layer contains the surface dental stains and is removed during Zoom whitening treatments. It takes 24-48 hours for the barrier to fully develop again.

For the next 48 hours post treatment, we recommend avoiding dark staining substances, such as: Red wine, Cola, Coffee and tea Berries such as cherries, blueberries, strawberries, dark grapes Tobacco products Red sauces, mustard or ketchup, soy sauce, salsa and other red sauces If it will stain your clothes, it will eventually stain your teeth Colored lipstick Colored mouth wash including PreviDent Fluoride Rinse

If your daily homecare involves the use of PerioRx or any Chlorhexidine, please wait 48 hours before continuing the usage of this product.

Additional ways to maintain your smile: Avoid staining related habits. Use an automated toothbrush like OralB. Regular professional dental hygiene care to maintain oral health, keep staining to a minimum.

Use whitening trays for touch-ups as recommended by our dentists. Practice good oral hygiene by tooth brushing, flossing, and tongue cleaning. We will assist you in selecting the products to maintain not only a white smile, but a healthy one as well!

Take home Whitening Trays for touch-ups:

3 days after Treatment If your teeth are not too sensitive, try bleaching a few more times with the take home products during the first three to five days after your office visit to maximize your results and attain the whitest shade possible. Store any remaining whitening gel in a cool dry place for later use. Please make sure the custom tray is completely dry. Place a small amount of gel on each of the teeth in the custom tray. Use caution not to overload the tray. Insert the tray over the teeth and gently wipe away any excess gel. Do not leave any gel on the gums because this will cause irritation to your gums. Wear the bleaching trays with the gel for 2 hours. Use all the bleaching gel given. This could last from a few days to a week. If sensitivity is uncomfortable, stop and reduce time and/or frequency of treatment. If too uncomfortable, stop all together

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