Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery in Houston, Texas:
Oral surgery involves medical procedures performed on the mouth or jaw, with specific emphasis on the teeth or gums. These can include reconstructive, restorative or cosmetic surgery procedures ranging from the removal of impacted, damaged or infected teeth to correcting facial trauma and jaw disorders, diagnosing tumors and infections, and performing reconstructive surgery on facial bone and tissue. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons also diagnose and treat obstructive sleep apnea, congenital defects affecting the mouth and jaw (such as cleft lip or deformed palate), and disorders of the salivary glands and trigeminal nerve.
Restoration Dentistry at Smile4ever

We understand that oral surgery can sound intimidating, but rest assured that Smile4Ever Family Dentistry uses the latest, safest practices in modern dentistry while taking the utmost care to ensure your treatment and recovery are successful. We evaluate each patients’ requirements carefully through advanced examination and diagnosis procedures, and discuss a successful treatment plan that aligns with their objectives. Our expert dental surgery staff has significant experience and adheres to the highest standards of care, from anesthesia to post-operative recovery.

Schedule your oral surgery with us at Smile4Ever Family Dentistry, and see how a qualified, compassionate team can make all the difference. Call us at (281) 213-5668.

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