We are committed to providing a broad range of services to our Houston, Texas patients.
We cater to both individuals and families with a focus on providing not only age appropriate, but effective treatment plans for every patient. Whether you have minor or major oral healthcare needs, Smile4Ever Family Dentistry will exceed all your expectations for a family dentist.
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Which ensure that patients of every age are catered to at our Houston offices. Our team understands the importance of dentistry that is tailored to the individual and how it results in better outcomes for patients. If you are tired of the “one-size-fits-all” approach to dentistry, Smile4Ever Family Dentistry can offer an alternative solution that delivers results for you and your family.


Primary Services

For more on the services offered at Smile4Ever Family Dentistry in Houston, Texas, reach out today and make your first appointment.
Houston Dental Exams & Cleaning
Every good dentistry experience should include comprehensive exams and cleaning. At Smile4Ever Family Dentistry, we believe providing patients with these services as part of a regularly scheduled treatment plan at our Houston offices plays a key role in ensuring excellence in continuous oral health. During your dental exam, your dentist can check teeth, gums and bones to determine if there are any potential issues which may require prevention or treatment.

Our primary aim is to reduce the need for invasive treatments through preventive dentistry. Smile4Ever Family Dentistry uses regular cleaning as a tool to help prevent the buildup of plague, so that cavities, gingivitis and periodontal disease are unable to get a foothold in your mouth.

Houston Dental Exams & Cleaning
General Dentistry
General Dentistry
On top of dental exams and cleaning, general dentistry is available from Smile4Ever Family Dentistry to patients of every age. We recommend bringing your little ones for their first appointment at our Houston offices when they cut their first tooth or reach the age of one. There is no upper age limit for general dentistry at our practice, so feel free to call for advice or to arrange a consultation with a smile doctor at your convenience.

Our general dentistry options are designed to cover a broad spectrum of oral health conditions involving the teeth and gums. As a patient of Smile4Ever Family Dentistry, you will benefit from tailored treatment solutions that are created to reduce pain and discomfort, as well as restoring the aesthetics of your smile.

If you are experiencing severe pain due to tooth decay or an infected tooth, it may be too late to save the tooth. At Smile4Ever Family Dentistry, we value the smiles of our patients. Our team will go to great lengths to save a tooth that still has enough healthy structure to remain viable. However, if you do require a tooth extraction, you can trust your Smile4Ever Family Dentistry professional to provide an effective solution for restoration of the tooth.
Tooth Extraction at Smile4ever
Dental Cleaning at Smile4ever
Smile4Ever Family Dentistry provides cleaning as part of your regular checkups. Some patients require additional cleanings that get deeper under the gum-line and roots to address potential threats to the health of teeth and gums. This procedure is known as scaling and root planning and is a highly effective tool against periodontal disease. Your dentist will provide cleaning recommendations at each appointment as necessary. Patients can also request additional cleaning in between regular checkups.
Are you unhappy about the color of your teeth? Smile4Ever Family Dentistry offers professional teeth whitening at our Houston, Texas offices. Teeth whitening kits that can be bought over the counter may not work for your particular needs, which is one of many reasons why it is important to consult with a dentist before handing over money for a product that ends up ineffective or – worse still – causes irreparable damage to healthy teeth.
Teeth Whitening at Smile4ever
Sedation Dentistry at Smile4ever
Sedation Dentistry
Fear of the dentist is very real and often paralyzing for people who suffer from dental phobias. When you trust Smile4Ever Family Dentistry with your oral healthcare needs, we can provide sedation dentistry and exceptional chairside manner to help you combat your anxiety about visiting the dentist. Our team is also on hand to provide compassion and understanding when patients need it the most, so never hesitate to reach out to us with your concerns.
Emergency Dental Care
Emergency dental care is one of the most important services that we provide to our Houston patients. Smile4Ever Family Dentistry is only a phone call away if you are experiencing severe pain or have suffered a cracked or broken tooth. It is important to reach out to our offices right away in order to avoid more serious oral health problems from developing. We can provide urgent care to patients on the same day during office hours.
Emergency Dental Care at Smile4ever
Periodontal Procedures at Smile4ever
Periodontal Procedures
Smile4Ever Family Dentistry provides a number of advanced periodontal treatments at our Houston offices. Treatments include pocket reduction procedures, regenerative procedures, crown lengthening and soft tissue grafts. As part of your scheduled appointment plan, you will also receive regular cleanings to help prevent the buildup of plague around the teeth and gums. No matter your needs, we have periodontal options to put the smile back on your face.
Restorative Dentistry
For patients who have severely damaged or missing teeth, Smile4Ever Family Dentistry can offer a range of restorative dentistry options. We can provide fillings, bonding, crowns, bridges and whatever you need for the perfect smile makeover. Your dentist will carry out a comprehensive exam in order to determine the degree of damage before discussing a treatment plan for restoration your teeth through one or a combination of treatments at our Houston offices.
Restoration Dentistry at Smile4ever
Dental Fillilng at Smile4ever
Tooth colored composite fillings, dental inlays and onlays are provided to suitable patients at Smile4Ever Family Dentistry. If you have suffered minor damage to the surfaces of your teeth, fillings may be the solution to restoring your teeth without having to remove too much of the natural tooth. Your Smile4Ever Family Dentistry professional will consult with you to determine if tooth colored fillings are the right treatment option for your needs. At Smile4Ever Family Dentistry, we are always focused on finding the most suitable treatment choices for you.
Dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure used to improve the appearance of teeth. Smile4Ever Family Dentistry offers excellence in dental bonding to our Houston patients. This procedure involves using a resin material, which is applied to the tooth and then hardened using a special light. Your dentist then polishes and shapes the resin to produce the desired results. We evaluate the potential of dental bonding on a case-by-case basis and provide detailed feedback, allowing patients to make more informed choices about their own treatment.
Bonding at Smile4ever
Dental Crowns at Smile4ever
A dental crown may provide the answer to restoring or improving the appearance of a damaged tooth. If you are interested in dental crowns to help put the life back into your smile, your Smile4Ever Family Dentistry professional can carry out an assessment on the viability of treatment. We are committed to ensuring each patient plays an active role in their oral healthcare, including making the final call on any restorative or cosmetic treatments. With education and Smile4Ever Family Dentistry on your side, we are confident you will make the right choices.
Dental bridges from Smile4Ever Family Dentistry do exactly what the same suggests – they bridge the gap that is left by missing teeth. The device works by using two or more crowns as anchors on either side of a gap. Known as “abutment teeth,” the anchors are used to support an artificial tooth that fills the gap. Either natural teeth or implants are used to support dental bridges. Smile4Ever Family Dentistry can provide a consultation with your dentist to determine the suitability of a dental bridge.
Dental Bridges at Smile4ever
Dentures at Smile4ever
We provide excellence in dentistry when it comes to dentures that fit comfortably and look great at our Smile4Ever Family Dentistry offices. If you are missing one or more teeth, dentures may be the most appropriate treatment options for your needs. For a full smile makeover, we are your trusted Houston dentistry team. All patients are provided with honest and detailed feedback on restorative dentistry options when consulting with Dr. Khan, Dr. Akram or Dr. Iftikhar.
Smile4Ever Family Dentistry delivers specialist implant dentistry in the heart of Houston, Texas. We are your smile aesthetic experts in offering solutions to complex dental issues. Dental implants provide artificial support to crowns, bridges and dentures. This treatment option allows patients to once again smile with confidence, as well as regain lost structure and function.
Dental Implants at Smile4ever
Invisalign at Smile4ever
Invisalign clear aligners are designed to blend in with the teeth, making them almost invisible to the casual observer. These aligners are popular with adults and teens, as both groups may experience embarrassment from wearing traditional braces. There are numerous benefits to choosing Invisalign, including the ability to remove the aligners and reduced risk of damage to the teeth. If you are interested in Invisalign you can visit Smile4Ever Family Dentistry for an informative discussion with your dentist.
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