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Itchy Gums: Possible Causes & Treatments

Are you worried about your itchy gums? Oral health issues tend to arise even when you have a proper dental hygiene routine. Every once in a while, cavities, toothache, and other issues make us rush to the dentist. But, sometimes, people visit the dental office with...

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3 Types of Teeth Stains & How to Remove Them?

Don’t you dream of the perfect Hollywood smile? With a bright smile, your confidence shines ten times too. However, over time, multiple factors can dull the color of your teeth. These include cavities, foods, beverages, and other factors that cause teeth...

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I Have an Abscess After Tooth Extraction; What Should I Do?

Tooth or gum infections are among the common factors that necessitate the need for a tooth extraction. A dental abscess is a primary indicator of infection, as it forms in the mouth due to bacterial infection. It is a pus-filled pocket that needs immediate dental...

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How Long Does Dental Bonding Last?

No one likes the idea of a roughly chipped or cracked tooth. Not only does it make your teeth look crooked, but it can also alter your smile. But sadly, you can’t prevent accidents from taking place. So, what are you supposed to do in the case of a slightly chipped...

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