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4 Types of Toothaches and What They Mean

30th June, 2020

Toothaches can be of many types, from dull and constant to sharp and throbbing. Many people complain about toothache while eating or before going to bed, but tooth pain can happen at any time, any place. The best way to know the cause of your toothache is to visit your dentist. Here are the 4 … Continue reading “4 Types of Toothaches and What They Mean”

Sleep Apnea Bruxism

15th June, 2020

Each year around 40 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders. Bruxism is one of the most common sleep disorders. Very few people know that bruxism (teeth grinding) is a result of undiagnosed sleep apnea. Tips for Eliminating Bruxism & Sleep Apnea  You can reduce a lot of these symptoms by simple changes to your … Continue reading “Sleep Apnea Bruxism”

Is it normal to have sensitivity after filling?

30th May, 2020

Eating too cold stuff can trigger tooth sensitivity; this often happens when biting popsicles or drinking a chilled glass of a drink. Sensitivity is a common oral issue, but what if it occurs after a dental filling? Dentists treat tooth decays with lining, which is a safe and effective way. But, if there is sensitivity … Continue reading “Is it normal to have sensitivity after filling?”

Wearing Invisalign rubber bands speed up the dental procedure

15th May, 2020

Many orthodontic patients wear Invisalign rubber bands, but are they compulsory in all cases? It is a fact that the use of rubber bands is beneficial in orthodontic treatment. Invisalign rubber bands exert the force which moves the teeth on its proper place and aligns the jaw. It makes the procedure successful. Wearing a rubber … Continue reading “Wearing Invisalign rubber bands speed up the dental procedure”

How to tackle with a Broken Crown Tooth?

30th April, 2020

Dental crowns can last for many years. The dental crown forms a cap on the gum line, which restores its natural look. Besides, it protects the damaged or broken teeth in which a filling cannot help. But if on one lousy day, your tongue touches the crown and realizes something is not right, you have … Continue reading “How to tackle with a Broken Crown Tooth?”

Teeth removal to jaw pain after tooth extraction until recovery

15th April, 2020

Having dentophobia, she’s always reluctant to visit the dentist. When the dental problem rose, she had no option left. While screaming on the dental chair, the dentist tried to comfort her by saying that it won’t hurt, but she fainted just by hearing the sound and looking at the drill. The dentist took help, stayed … Continue reading “Teeth removal to jaw pain after tooth extraction until recovery”

How Dentists Use Fillings to Treat Cavities

30th March, 2020

If you have a cavity, then your dentist has probably recommended a dental filling. Fillings are common and simple procedures. However, they can be nerve-wracking if you don’t know what to expect. Below, we will explain how fillings work. This will help you face your dental appointment with confidence! What are Cavities? Cavities are actually … Continue reading “How Dentists Use Fillings to Treat Cavities”

Dental Sedation For A Stress-Free Experience

15th March, 2020

Dental sedation is becoming popular, but is it right for you? Whether you are nervous about your upcoming procedure or just generally afraid of the dentist, sedation can help you face your fears. There are different types of sedation available. Below is some more information so you can choose the best sedation option for you. … Continue reading “Dental Sedation For A Stress-Free Experience”

What Causes Discolored Teeth?

29th February, 2020

Are you struggling with discolored teeth? A dull or yellow smile can impact your self-esteem. While you are probably ready for whitening, you might be wondering what caused your discoloration in the first place. There are a few different factors that can influence the color of your teeth. We’ll share the most common causes below. … Continue reading “What Causes Discolored Teeth?”

What to Expect at Your Oral Surgery Consultation

15th February, 2020

If you need an oral surgery consultation, then you might be feeling nervous. Surgery can be scary, and the idea of a dental procedure can make a lot of people feel vulnerable. Don’t panic though. While it’s perfectly normal to be anxious, you have nothing to worry about. Your dentist will use your consultation to … Continue reading “What to Expect at Your Oral Surgery Consultation”

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