Are Dentures Noticeable?

30th December, 2019

Dentures are an affordable, noninvasive, and long-lasting solution for people who are missing teeth. However, common myths about dentures prevent some patients from considering this option. One of the biggest fears that dental patients have is that dentures will be bulky and noticeable. While this might have been the case a few years ago, dentures … Continue reading “Are Dentures Noticeable?”

Dental Bonding for Chipped or Cracked Teeth

15th December, 2019

Do you have a damaged tooth? Chipped and cracked teeth look unsightly and can even be dangerous if they have exposed, ragged edges. Fortunately, there is a simple, noninvasive solution for damaged teeth. Dental bonding quickly repairs chipped and cracked teeth. The result is a strong tooth that looks and feels just like it did … Continue reading “Dental Bonding for Chipped or Cracked Teeth”

What are Dental Crowns?

30th November, 2019

Dental crowns are a common cosmetic procedure designed to repair the look and functionality of a missing or damaged tooth. But what exactly are crowns, and why might your dentist recommend them? In this article, we will give you the facts on dental crowns. What are Crowns? Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps or covers that … Continue reading “What are Dental Crowns?”

Why Second Opinions Matter in Dentistry

15th November, 2019

If your dentist has recommended an oral surgery or another complex procedure, you might think that’s the end of the story. However, a second opinion can give you more choices in treatment. Sometimes seeking another dentist’s advice can even lead to a different diagnosis. Below, we will explain why second opinions are an important part … Continue reading “Why Second Opinions Matter in Dentistry”

Is Invisalign Right For Me?

30th October, 2019

Invisalign is an exciting and modern alternative to braces. While traditional metal braces require unsightly wires and brackets, Invisalign straightens teeth using clear plastic aligners, gently moving the teeth into the correct placement without the need for noticeable hardware. Is this orthodontic treatment right for you? Keep reading to find out. A Flexible and Removable … Continue reading “Is Invisalign Right For Me?”

Preparing For Your Tooth Extraction

15th October, 2019

If you need a tooth extraction, you are probably nervous about the procedure. Having a “tooth pulled” sounds painful, and many people are worried about having oral surgery. Fortunately, tooth extractions are common dental procedures that can be performed with minimal pain. Below, we’ll give you some tips for your tooth extraction so you can … Continue reading “Preparing For Your Tooth Extraction”

Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants

30th September, 2019

Missing teeth can be embarrassing and painful. If you have gaps in your smile, you have different restoration options. Many patients choose dental implants because they create a durable base for artificial teeth. In this article, we will explain the basics of dental implants so you can decide if this treatment is right for you. … Continue reading “Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants”

How Dental Cleanings Prevent Disease

20th September, 2019

When life gets busy, it can be easy to put your dental cleanings on the back burner. While the ADA recommends adults visit the dentist every six months, many adults simply wait until they have a tooth problem to make a dental appointment. If you are putting off your dental cleanings, you are missing out … Continue reading “How Dental Cleanings Prevent Disease”

3 Reasons to Get Professional Teeth Whitening

22nd August, 2019

A whiter, brighter smile can completely change your look. While this might seem like a simple adjustment, whiter teeth can transform your face and give you a boost of confidence. There are plenty of reasons to consider professional teeth whitening. Here are three of our favorites. 1- It’s Quick At-home whitening kits often include dozens … Continue reading “3 Reasons to Get Professional Teeth Whitening”

Managing Dental Anxiety With Sedation

We understand that dental procedures are a horrifying experience for some patients. For whatever reason, dental phobias are extremely common. For many people, these phobias are so severe that they avoid the dentist altogether. If you are afraid of the dentist, sedation can help you stay comfortable and ease your fears in the exam chair. … Continue reading “Managing Dental Anxiety With Sedation”

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