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Why is My Tooth Loose but Still Attached? What do I do?

It is usual for teeth to get loose and fall out — in children, and that too, only once. But if your adult tooth is wobbly, it is definitely questionable. Baby teeth are meant to fall out, to be replaced by permanent teeth. But what to do if a permanent tooth is loose?...

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5 Secrets to Get Rid of Yellow Teeth

You can get yellow teeth due to aging, smoking, certain foods, drinks, etc. Many factors contribute to dulling the color of your teeth. But no matter the cause, the conclusion is the same: you don’t have a pearly smile. It can lower your confidence and make you...

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Does It Hurt Badly When You Get a Crown?

If you are about to get a dental crown and can only think, "Does getting a crown hurt?" We will address your query. Getting a dental crown is a simple, two-step procedure. Keep reading to get the know-how of the process and what it brings. Dental Crown Firstly, let us...

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5 Ways To Treat Blood Blister In Mouth

Accidentally, cheek biting may lead to a sore inside it, and what if it accumulates blood in it after a few hours? Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Don’t fret about it if the roof of your mouth or insides of your cheek has a blood blister on it. They may look intimidating...

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How to Fix Broken Dentures? Is it Possible?

A broken denture is a serious concern that stops many from normal eating and speaking habits. It may even feel like missing a tooth all over again. Or maybe worst! Yikes. It is time to think if you want to fix broken dentures or consider getting a new one. Today, we...

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Best Dental Care in Houston

Are you experiencing severe pain in your teeth? Or have experienced it in the past that made almost every inch of your body painful? Do you know where you can get the best Dental Care? Guess what, We do! Continue reading in order for you to know what you will do next...

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