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Teeth Whitening at Smile4ever
Are you unhappy about the color of your teeth? Are you tired of trying various Teeth whitening kits bought over the counter? If yes, try our teeth whitening at our Houston, Texas offices. Smile4Ever Family Dentistry offers professional teeth whitening that works well for your particular needs. Our whitening is one of the demanded dental procedures as it gives you a new look with a bright smile. Many people become conscious of their smile when they know they have discolored teeth. It has become one of the most significant concerns for which millions of Americans consult dentists. Getting professional treatment for discolored teeth can save a lot. There are times when the product you have purchased ends up ineffective or – worse still – causes irreparable damage to healthy teeth. This is one of many reasons why it is essential to consult with a dentist before handing over money.
Stains on teeth can be due to various reasons. Some of the stains are extrinsic, which are a result of substance abuse, excessive use of tea and coffee, and consuming citric food. Other stains are intrinsic which occur due to aging factor or due to excessive use of fluoride. Intrinsic stains are irreversible and not treated through a whitening treatment. But Smile4Ever helps people in reducing the extrinsic stains and bringing their natural shine back, without doing any harm to the teeth surface.

Whitening teeth would require a single visit to our office in Houston, Texas. The procedure is performed by applying bleach to the discolored teeth. All bleaching agents use peroxide to whiten teeth. The longer the bleaching agent is applied to the teeth, the whiter they become. However, if peroxide is in a greater quantity, the less time bleach needs for application; otherwise, teeth will become sensitive. We also specialize in enhancing whitening by using laser technique. A 30 to 60 minutes visit to our office will make your teeth many shades lighter. The treatment would leave some marks on your gums and might make your teeth sensitive, but the symptoms will subside within a few days. With whiter teeth, you will get confidence to have better communication with your loved ones.

Smile4Ever also offers to get whitening treatment at home. This would require two to three weeks as the dentist develops trays that fit your teeth and hold gel. The gel is applied to teeth for continuously two to three weeks. However, our dentists will guide you to choose the treatment that will benefit your teeth.

Once the treatment is complete, your teeth would need your time and attention. All you need to do is take good care of your treated teeth, and the whitening will last for almost two to three years.

So for having brighter teeth contact our Houston office today and get a more radiant smile for yourself.

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