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General Dentistry
Your oral health is vital for us at Smile4Ever. Therefore, general dentistry is available at Smile4Ever Family Dentistry to patients of every age. We recommend bringing your little ones for their first appointment at our Houston offices when they cut their first tooth or reach the age of one. There is no upper age limit for general dentistry at our practice.

Our team excels at taking care of all your dental concerns and providing a hygiene plan that would keep your teeth healthy. It will also suggest an oral routine that can make you safe from dental and periodontal diseases. The team recommends the frequency of dental check-ups to maintain a healthy dental routine.

Our general dentistry options are designed to cover a broad spectrum of oral health conditions involving your teeth and gums. As a patient of Smile4Ever Family Dentistry, you will benefit from tailored treatments that are created to reduce pain and discomfort, as well as restoring the aesthetics of your smile.

Smile4Ever offers a variety of services from restorative procedures to treatment that would reduce chances of tooth decay. We also offer procedures to repair any loss or damage to teeth. Our cosmetics services for bringing the shine back to your teeth are highly recommended and appreciated by our patients. If you experience cavity, dislodgment of filling, teeth sensitivity or some severe disorders, our team will diagnose your condition and suggest an appropriate treatment at a cost that suits your pocket.

Your overall dental hygiene requires taking care of your gums and your teeth. Our team, in addition to treating your teeth, also offers services to take care of your gums. If your gums are healthy, your teeth will be free from the basic dental issues. When while brushing, you observe blood and your gums experience sharp pain and swelling, take notice of the signs and contact our office for a consultation.

Your tongue equally plays an essential role in maintaining a healthy oral hygiene. You might experience bad breath early in the morning due to bacteria in your mouth. This is because tongue might store that bacteria at its back and produce bad breath. Proper brushing and flossing would reduce bad breath to a great extent. Scraping the tongue is another way of decreasing bad breath. At Smile4Ever, the dentists would give healthy tips on maintaining a routine that would be useful in reducing bad breath and controlling bacteria in your mouth.
General Dentistry
Our trained staff takes a keen interest in explaining the entire procedure to the patient before its commencement to reduce the anxiety and stress of patients related to the treatment. Furthermore, the staff also debriefs the patients to record patients’ experience and to make sure that the patients are delighted with the services.

Smile4Ever also takes care of the finances and offers discounts to its new as well as loyal patients. It provides packages of various types to facilitate patients who do not have insurance coverage.

We care for your smiles and therefore would offer facilities to keep your face naturally smiling. Our experts would make sure your concerns are given high priority so you would have a completely satisfied dental care. So, feel free to call for advice or to arrange a consultation with a doctor at your convenience.

Treat you like family and make you feel right at home
We take great pride in the standard of care that our practice provides to patients and it’s reflected in every patient’s smile.
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