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Fear of the dentist is very real and often paralyzing for people who suffer from dental phobias. When you trust Smile4Ever Family Dentistry with your oral healthcare needs, we can provide sedation dentistry and exceptional chairside manner to help you combat your anxiety about visiting the dentist. Our team is also on hand to provide compassion and understanding when patients need it the most, so never hesitate to reach out to us with your concerns.

Sedation Dentistry Houston. At Smile4Ever Family Dentistry, family means more than just parents and kids. Patients from every age group deserve the same level of high-quality care when visiting our office. We create effective treatment plans for individuals and families of every size and need, from one generation to the next. Preventive treatment and education are two of the most important aspects of dentistry. Smile4Ever Family Dentistry seeks to provide our patients with solutions for everything from minor to complex oral health problems. We want to help you achieve picture perfect smiles for your family that will stand the test of time. A treatment plan backed up by the right education to bring home is the cornerstone of dentistry at our Houston, Texas office. For individuals and families alike, the office hours that most dentists offer do not provide suitable convenience. Many dental practices believe that the availability of appointments should be enough to keep patients following through on treatment plans. However, the sad reality is that patients who are not afforded convenience are more likely to skip appointments and may not see the dentist again until they experience an emergency. Sedation Dentistry Houston.

We aim to ensure that our patients benefit from scheduling that is designed around the needs of the individual or family. We offer evening hours and our office is open on Saturdays as well. As part of our commitment to providing emergency dental care, we regularly update our schedule to ensure patients suffering from severely painful or damaged teeth to come into our office as quickly as we can accommodate.

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