Bright white teeth and a great smile create our facial appearance. Thanks to modern dentistry, people can improve these features to enhance their looks and gain confidence without pain, discomfort, and putting a lot of burden on their pockets. Dental bonding and veneers are the simplest and quickest ways; however, which ones to choose depends on which suits you the best. When comparing bonding vs. veneers, there are many differences; hence taking dental advice is recommended. Though, here we share a few differences that can help you in making your choices.

Bonding and veneers

Bonding and veneers correct irregular tooth shape, gaps, chips, uneven sizes of teeth, and jagged edges. These both smile makeover techniques give a new face to your teeth, but by different procedures. During dental bonding, a tooth-colored composite resin is put on your teeth to mend the damages. It is a cost-effective solution, and many patients prefer it. While on the other hand, veneers are very thin shells of tooth-colored material covering the teeth giving a natural look. Veneers alter the shape, size, color, and length of the teeth where placed.

Bonding vs. Veneers

When making a comparison between bonding and veneers, these few areas are noteworthy;

  • Veneers are more expensive than bonding. As veneers are customized solutions; hence, they cost more while bonding is just like filling to give a shape to the tooth.
  • Bonding mostly takes just one sitting while veneers take many as customized set takes time to complete.
  • Once the veneer fixes, it is a long-term solution, but bonding is flexible and can detach.
  • Bonding corrects one or two teeth’ look while veneers give a brand new smile to the individual, showing noticeable results.
  • Veneers are durable and have a longer life than bonding. Bonding can chip and discolor with time.

Which one to choose?

Both bonding and veneers have a similar purpose; however, only one is recommended depending on the oral condition. Bonding is best to use when you have to correct one or two teeth and improve their physical appearance. It is a cheap alternative and easily accessible to everyone. Besides, if all the teeth need correction and better looks, the veneer is a better and durable option. They can last for ten to fifteen years with proper care and maintenance. Veneers will not stain the teeth, and they remain white for a longer time. Though, both help in improving your smile and confidence and result in a natural look.

Are you still wondering to compare bonding vs. veneers, talk to us for the consultation? The team at Smile 4Ever Family Dentistry is glad to help you in making the correct decision. Call us at 281-213-5668 to schedule your appointment.

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