Having dentophobia, she’s always reluctant to visit the dentist. When the dental problem rose, she had no option left. While screaming on the dental chair, the dentist tried to comfort her by saying that it won’t hurt, but she fainted just by hearing the sound and looking at the drill. The dentist took help, stayed calm, and continued the process. However, the jaw pain after tooth extraction was unbearable.

Reasons for extraction and jaw pain after tooth extraction

Many of us do not like to visit the dentist, but oral health is a top priority. At times tooth extraction becomes necessary. It happens if the damage is of an extent that the tooth cannot mend but needs removal. Or if in children the temporary tooth is blocking the way for a permanent one.

Dentist suggests tooth extraction also if during dental implants, fixing dentures or undergoing orthodontic treatment, they need a place to carry on the procedures. Other than this, removal becomes necessary if the tooth is completely infected and giving intolerable pain. Extraction may be a tough decision to make, and the jaw pain after a tooth extraction is difficult to bear, but it will provide permanent relief after a few days.

Recovery time

After tooth extraction, the time needed for recovery is different from patient to patient. It depends on many factors, like the size of the tooth, method, internal health, and precautions taken afterward. The patient has to take extra care. In the case of a simple extraction, recovery is quick. In a few days or weeks, as the dentist suggests, the patient can start with the regular daily routine. But for a few weeks, care has to be taken to heal the internal tissues.

In the case of surgical extraction, the recovery takes time. Your dentist will recommend the days before you can return to routine life. Discuss with the dentist and then plan the treatment. The jaw pain after a tooth extraction is not much difficult to bear compared with the consequences of not undergoing the extraction procedure. To learn more, call Smile 4 ever at 281-213-5668. You can also book your appointment online.

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