Are you worried about the bump on your gums? Abscess forms are due to many reasons, but you will have to visit an emergency dentist regardless of the cause. Your dentist might recommend antibiotics for the pus-pocket, which can help get rid of the infection. But you may have an issue: the tooth abscess is still swollen after 3 days of antibiotics!

If this is the case, you will need to talk to your dentist right away. We will shed some light on why this happens in this blog!

How Long Tooth Pain Takes to Go Away After Antibiotics

If your dentist has recommended antibiotics, the first symptom to go away will be tooth pain. After you take the required antibiotic, it will start working within 1 to 4 hours of starting the treatment, which is the time it takes to eliminate tooth pain.

Usually, the effects kick in quickly, but it will take longer in some cases. Therefore, taking antibiotics on an empty stomach might help since your body will process them faster. However, taking medications with meals is recommended to lower the possibility of discomfort.

When Will Tooth Abscess Swelling Disappear?

Once the tooth pain has been eliminated, swelling is next. You can expect the abscess to start becoming smaller within 24 to 48 hours after taking antibiotics. The antibiotics work to get rid of bacteria filling up the abscess, but the size of the bump will affect how long it takes. So, a smaller abscess will disappear sooner than a bigger one.

Why Your Tooth Abscess is Still Swollen After 3 Days Of Antibiotics

Generally, tooth swelling disappears within three days of taking antibiotics. You may need to receive urgent dental care if your tooth abscess shows no signs of improvement and is still swollen after 3 days of antibiotics. The course is supposed to last 7 days, but you need to consult a dentist in case the swelling is still present after 3 days of antibiotics. Some reasons why it happens include:

  1. You Started the Treatment Late
    You will need to take immediate action when you notice an abscess and start taking antibiotics in the first two days or 48 hours. If not, the infection will spread and lead to an advanced compilation that antibiotics cannot solve. Then, you will need a root canal procedure or another treatment, especially if the abscess is still swollen after 3 days of antibiotics.
  2. You are Taking the Wrong Type of Antibiotics
    You cannot take any antibiotic to get rid of the abscess; there is a certain type of medication for each condition. Hence, it is possible your abscess is still swollen after 3 days of antibiotics because it is not what your body needs to eliminate the infection. You may need to switch medications in this case.
  3. Bacteria Might be Resistant to the Antibiotics
    Another possibility is that bacteria are resistant to the medications. This is especially true if you recently took antibiotics. Thus, the bacteria become immune to the drug, and your tooth abscess might still be present after 3 days of antibiotics.


Antibiotics usually require around two days to reduce the swelling, but if the tooth abscess is still swollen after 3 days of antibiotics, something needs to be addressed. You can talk to our Smile 4 Ever Dentistry team at (281) 213-5668 to share your concerns. Or, visit us at 14715 TC Jester Blvd, Houston, Texas 77068.

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