Once your braces come off, you’ll see a healthy, great-looking smile that’s good for life! However, if you don’t care for your braces, it can lead to the appearance of white spots on your teeth once the braces are out, an unappealing state that no one wants!

Proper dental care may require a little more time and effort, but the outcomes are worth it and will help you enjoy the best appealing smile from your orthodontic treatment.

Plaque is the Enemy

Plaque is a sticky, colorless film that gathers on your teeth. It’s composed of bacteria, food, and saliva. If plaque and stuck food remain on your teeth and around your braces, they can be a cause of swollen gums, bad breath, cavities, and permanent marks on your teeth.

As your Smiles4Ever orthodontist, we advise brushing your teeth regularly to remove this plaque.

When to Clean

Brush thoroughly after having a meal or snack or rinse your mouth well with water if you can’t brush right away.

How to Brush

Follow these tips when brushing your teeth with braces:

· Use a soft rounded bristle toothbrush that’s in good condition and make sure to use a fluoride toothpaste

· Brush thoroughly around all the parts of your braces and fronts, sides, and backs of your teeth. Also, brush your tongue and roof of the mouth. Your braces will look clean and shiny, and you can see the edges of the brackets clearly if you are brushing correctly.

· Brush your gums gently and thoroughly.

· Rinse thoroughly after brushing.

How to Floss

· Floss every night before going to bed so that you won’t feel rushed.

· When flossing with braces on, you might need to use a floss threader. This reusable tool helps to get dental floss beneath your archwire easily.

· Make sure you clean carefully alongside and beneath the gumlines.

For more tips on how to care for your braces, get help from our dental experts. Call Smiles4Ever Dentistry at 281-213-5668.

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