Many young adults prefer Invisalign aligners over traditional braces because they are removable and clear. People who didn’t have Invisalign as kids have a common question: “Does Invisalign take longer than braces?”

Invisalign usually takes 6 to 18 months, while metal braces usually take 20 to 24 months. In reality, Invisalign isn’t inherently faster or slower than braces. The timeline depends on how well you follow your dentist’s or orthodontist’s instructions.

Do Invisalign or Braces Work Faster?

Invisalign tends to straighten teeth faster than traditional braces. Typically, patients complete treatment within one to two years, whereas traditional braces may require up to three years for noticeable changes.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign is a way to straighten teeth using clear aligners. These aligners are changed every couple of weeks, gradually moving the teeth. Patients need to visit the dentist every four to six weeks to check their progress. The aligners are made of safe and comfortable clear plastic.

Why Is Invisalign Faster Than Braces?

The reason Invisalign often takes less time than metal braces is due to its unique method. Invisalign uses clear aligner trays that apply gentle pressure to all teeth simultaneously, gradually moving them into the desired position. In contrast, traditional braces involve metal brackets attached to each tooth, with wires that apply pressure to move each tooth individually.

Because Invisalign aligners apply force to all teeth simultaneously, they can often achieve results faster than braces, which move teeth one at a time. While metal braces are capable of more significant tooth movement, their method of individual movement usually takes longer.

Invisalign Vs. Braces: Which Is Better?

Compared to braces, Invisalign offers the following advantages to patients:

  • Removable
    One of the big pluses of using Invisalign is that you can take out the trays when you eat and drink, so you don’t have to worry about getting food stuck in your teeth.
  • Appearance
    Invisalign trays are clear, which is why many people prefer them. This is especially good for adults who don’t want noticeable braces. In fact, some people might not even realize you’re wearing braces!
  • Comfort
    Because there aren’t any brackets to rub against your mouth, Invisalign might be more comfortable than traditional braces.
  • Treatment time
    You should wear Invisalign for about 22 to 24 hours each day for 6 to 18 months. Metal braces might be better for more complicated dental problems, depending on what you need.
  • Cleaning
    You can clean Invisalign trays using a special cleaning system or by brushing them with lukewarm water. Remember to clean them after eating or drinking anything except water, and also in the morning and at night.

In a Nutshell

Due to Invisalign’s convenient and harmless look, people often ask, “Does Invisalign take longer than braces?” The answer might depend on various factors, but a straightforward answer is no; it works faster than braces.

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