If you are about to get a dental crown and can only think, “Does getting a crown hurt?” We will address your query. Getting a dental crown is a simple, two-step procedure. Keep reading to get the know-how of the process and what it brings.

Dental Crown

Firstly, let us tell you what a dental crown is. It is a small cap that is placed over a weak or damaged tooth. They are helpful in refining the size, shape, or build of your teeth. They protect your entire tooth, instead of just the damaged area. A dental crown comes in handy in these situations:

  • You have a Cosmetic Concern (Discolored or Gapped Teeth)
  • Protect a damaged tooth
  • To hold together a fractured or severely weakened tooth.
  • To shield a tooth that has large cavities.
  • Following the root canal procedure.
  • Replacing an older filling.

Does the procedure of getting a crown hurt?

Now, let us familiarise you with the procedure of getting a dental crown so you can find an answer to your “Does getting a crown hurt?” query. The procedure of getting a dental crown is usually done in two visits to the dentist. Keep reading to answer “How bad is getting a crown?” (Spoiler: not at all!)

First Step
The first step of the procedure is numbing your tooth. So if you were thinking, “Do they numb you for a permanent crown?” Yes, yes they do.

After that, your dentist will make room for the crown, and to do that they will thin your tooth. Moreover, if your tooth is decayed or damaged, it may require dental filling. This is so the crown will fit the right way on your tooth. When your tooth is in proper shape, your dentist will proceed to make an impression. This impression is sent to the lab, along with the X-rays of your tooth.

The lab will work on creating your permanent dental crown, meanwhile, your dentist will give you a temporary one. If cosmetic concerns are why you are getting a crown, then you will not require a temporary crown.

This first visit initiates the procedure after numbing your tooth. As a result, you will not feel a tinge of pain. Thus, does getting a crown hurt? Not until now.

Second Step

The second step is when you will get your permanent crown. Before proceeding, your dentist will remove the temporary crown, in case you got one.

Then comes the second part. Your dentist will use a special adhesive to attach the dental crown. After this tooth-colored cap is placed or cemented, your dentist will make the necessary adjustments after checking your bite pressure. In the second visit, your dentist will guarantee that there is no problem with the fitting of the crown. Or the crown itself.
It will feel new, and you will take a few days to get used to it. But one thing is for sure, you will feel no pain in the second step either.

And to add, “Can you eat after getting a crown?”. You can, but it is best to wait 30-45 minutes after getting a crown. However, your dentist might suggest waiting as long as you possibly can. Also, remember to avoid eating hard-to-chew or sticky food.

To Address Your Query: Does Getting A Crown Hurt?

The procedure of getting a crown does not cause pain. Having said that, your gums and teeth might feel sore or tender, following the procedure. Although, it is pretty common and you will not feel much pain. Moreover, if you feel pain at any point during the procedure of getting the crown, tell your dentist on the spot.

If you want to get a dental crown, or have any other dental query, our team of experts at Smile For Ever Dentistry is here for your aid. Just contact us at +1 281-213-5668.

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