Eating too cold stuff can trigger tooth sensitivity; this often happens when biting popsicles or drinking a chilled glass of a drink. Sensitivity is a common oral issue, but what if it occurs after a dental filling? Dentists treat tooth decays with lining, which is a safe and effective way. But, if there is sensitivity after filling, how to cope with it. A little bit of sensitivity is common after the treatment and will resolve in a few days, but it’s a concern if it prolongs.

Dental fillings

Furthermore, if symptoms such as swelling, redness, pain, or fever occur, it’s wise to consult with a dentist immediately. A filling is a standard procedure in which the dentist first numbs the area and then cleans the tooth decay using a dental drill. After cleaning, he applies fillers to cover the gaps.

The patient has to take care, especially while eating and drinking for a few days after dental filling. Little sensitivity is common during initial days, as the teeth are adjusting itself to the new padding, but if it increases, visit the dentist. The teeth might face a few triggers of pain or coldness coming and going. However, this is normal until bearable.

Sensitivity after filling requiring a dentist 

However, few conditions that require dental consultation are;

  • The treatment has caused inflammation in the nerve in the tooth. The nerve will take its time to heal, only then will sensitivity cure.
  • It takes time for the individual to get used to the new filling. A wrong bite can increase tooth pain, making it unbearable.
  • In rare situations, the inflamed pulp can cause sensitivity and pain.

A dentist knows how to treat sensitivity after filling and provide comfort to his patients. The dentists at Smile 4 Ever Family Dentistry are glad to help in all oral issues. To know more, schedule your consultation online or call us at 281-213-5668.

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