If you need a tooth extraction, you are probably nervous about the procedure. Having a “tooth pulled” sounds painful, and many people are worried about having oral surgery. Fortunately, tooth extractions are common dental procedures that can be performed with minimal pain. Below, we’ll give you some tips for your tooth extraction so you can come to your appointment prepared.

Different Types of Tooth Extractions

When preparing for your tooth extraction, you should first consider what type of procedure you are having. Do you need a tooth removed due to significant damage or decay? Are you having a routine wisdom tooth extraction? Your dentist will tell you what to expect during your procedure and also during recovery based on the type of tooth extraction you need.

Know Your Sedation Options

While tooth extractions can be scary, you should know that you will not experience any pain during the procedure. Your dentist will sedate you during your extraction to keep you calm and comfortable. IV, oral, and nitrous oxide sedation is available. Ask your dentist which option is best for you.

Prepare For Home Care

After your tooth extraction, try to find time in your schedule to rest. Propping your head up on pillows and gently applying ice packs the lower part of your face will help you recover. Over-the-counter pain medication can reduce swelling and help you feel better. Your dentist might also write you a prescription for pain medication as well.

Tooth Extractions in Houston, TX

If you need a tooth extraction, Smile 4 Ever Family Dentistry is here to help. We provide comfortable and compassionate dental care to patients in the Houston area. To schedule your tooth extraction or to learn more about our services, give us a call at 281-213-5668.

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