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Periodontal Procedures at Smile4ever
As people age, they often complain about their gums, giving them a difficult time. Many of them visit a dentist with periodontal disease. Periodontal diseases are diseases related to your gums. The root cause of these diseases is a plaque that sticks to your due to lack of dental hygiene practices. Smile4Ever Family Dentistry provides several advanced periodontal treatments at our Houston offices. Treatments include pocket reduction procedures, regenerative procedures, crown lengthening, and soft tissue grafts. As part of your scheduled appointment plan, you will also receive regular cleanings to help prevent the buildup of plaque around your teeth and gums.

Our dentists at Smile4Ever examine your teeth and gums properly on your first visit. If tissues around your teeth are not healthy, and cannot be treated without surgery, they will suggest you have periodontal surgery.

Depending on the condition of your teeth and gums, your dentist will suggest the following treatment:

1 – Pocket Reduction Procedures:
It a situation where pockets are formed between your teeth and gums. These pockets stores plaque which causes problems. The surgery reduces the depth of pockets, remove tartar from your teeth, and saves a tooth from decaying. The dentist would separate your gums and your teeth and after performing the necessary procedure, attach the tooth at a new place. The process would need the doctor to reshape the bone if required. The dentist would also apply a tissue healing substance to your gums so that the gums may not bleed.

2 – Regenerative procedures:
If the bone supporting your teeth has completely deformed, due to periodontal disease, the dentist would suggest a regenerative procedure. Through a surgical procedure, the dentist would fold your gums tissues and remove the bacteria. Proteins to regenerate bones and tissues are given for the bones to regenerate. After the procedure, the patients should follow proper dental hygiene

3 – Crown Lengthening:
You might have noticed people smiling with their gums visible. It can be a natural cause or might be due to periodontal disease decaying your teeth. In either case, our dentists will examine your condition. Using the crown lengthening procedure will reshape your gum bones and tissue so that your natural teeth can become visible. Crown lengthening is also done to give an aesthetic look to your teeth when your natural teeth crack or break. Crowns become challenging to be fixed on teeth if teeth have deformed or decayed. In such a case, a crown lengthening would be a helpful remedy which would reduce gum tissues so that tooth beneath the gums can become visible to hold the crown.

4 – Soft Tissue Grafts:
Growing age or gum diseases expose teeth more than usual. This can be due to gum recession in which the soft tissues of gums move away from teeth. The exposure of tooth might go unnoticed until it becomes severe to the extent of losing your tooth. Gum recession can be due to improper style of brushing and plaque. If you think your teeth have started exposing more than usual, consult our dentist. We will stop your gum recession by performing a soft tissue graft.

Your smile is precious to you and us. If you notice your gums giving you a hard time, call our office today in Houston and take advantage of the expert advice of our team.

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