It might seem like all your problems will go away once you have had the problem tooth pulled out, but what if you experience more discomfort afterward? Yes, pain after tooth extraction is normal, especially because the site has undergone trauma and will require some time to heal. Still, pain following tooth removal can indicate underlying conditions as well. We will tell you why you have tooth pain after extraction in this blog!

Why Do I Have Tooth Pain After Extraction

In the first 24 hours, you are likely to feel throbbing pain, which means your body is healing. Your dental specialist will recommend OTC pain medications and a cold compress to alleviate the pain. Intense or prolonged pain after a tooth extraction indicates you need immediate dental attention. Here are some reasons why it happens:

  1. Dry Socket
    Your pain might be due to a dry socket, which is a common complication after tooth removal. After the tooth is extracted, a blood clot forms in the empty socket, and it is meant to protect the bones and nerves. Hence, blood clot formation is crucial for recovery. But, sometimes, the clot does not form properly and leads to a dry socket. The bones are left exposed, and it results in excruciating pain after tooth extraction.
    You can prevent a dry socket by sticking to your dentist’s aftercare instructions, especially avoiding activities such as using a straw, brushing on the extraction site, spitting, smoking, and more. These actions can dislodge the blood clot and disturb your recovery.
  2. Infection
    Another common reason behind tooth pain after extraction is an infection. Oral hygiene is important at all times, especially after you have had your tooth removed. The empty socket is vulnerable to bacteria and food particles, which might accumulate in the hole and reach the dental bone as well as the nerves. This leads to an infection, which brings forth immense pain. Your dentist will tell you not to brush on the first night after tooth extraction; ask them how to care for the open wound instead. That’s not all; gum disease is also a possible reason behind infection. Look out for symptoms of infection, which include bleeding, swelling, fever, pain, and more.
  3. Sinus Cavity Issues
    Did you know the sinus cavity is present in the close vicinity of your upper molars? So, discomfort in the sinus could lead to pain in the teeth in the upper row. You might have a problem in your sinus cavity that leads to pain in the extraction site. Moreover, if you had dental implants placed on the day you had your tooth extracted, the pain could be because of a ruptured sinus.

Final Note

You might have pain after tooth extraction due to a dry socket, infection, or even sinus issues. While discomfort is normal, you should keep an eye out for any unusual pain or symptoms. Visit your dental specialist right away for the pain; they can assess the condition and proceed with the required treatment.

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