A sharp, agonizing toothache can ruin your day, disturbing your day’s work. Not only is it distracting, but tooth pain can also bring much discomfort. Although it can be terrible, toothache for no reason can occur at any time, even if you maintain perfect oral hygiene! Thus, knowing a few handy remedies for emergency toothache relief can save you from suffering any longer.

Remedies for Emergency Toothache Relief

Some unassuming ingredients lying in your kitchen can come to the rescue when a throbbing toothache ruins your day. To try them out, go through these remedies to get rid of your persistent tooth pain:

Ice Packs

Applying ice packs to the sore area can significantly numb the area, reducing your symptoms. Just press an ice pack or any cold compress to the affected area at 15-minute intervals. Soon, this emergency toothache relief hack will make you feel better.


Saltwater rinses seldom fail to help in case of a dental emergency. With its antiseptic properties, a pinch of salt dissolved in a glass of lukewarm water can wash away your pain.

Clove Oil

For centuries, people have been using clove oil as an effective remedy for emergency toothache relief. It is popular for a reason! You can massage the area with clove oil, reducing pain. Or you can mix a few drops of clove oil into a teaspoon of carrier oil. Next, soak a cotton swab into the mixture and place it over the affected tooth.

Keep in mind, though, that clove oil is not recommended for children. Make sure to ask your dentist before trying a new treatment.

Baking Soda

Do you know what other ingredients can help relieve your toothache? Baking soda! Mix it with water to make a white paste, and apply the blend to your aching tooth. Baking soda might be effective for emergency toothache relief if the problem is bacteria buildup.

If your toothache is due to an underlying condition like an infection, don’t count on these home remedies. See your dentist straight away for the much-needed treatment.

Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers

Do you know another thing that might reduce your agonizing toothache? OTC pain relievers.

NSAIDs and other mild relievers can remarkably reduce tooth pain and any discomfort resulting from oral infections. But, still, it is better to talk to your dentist.

Tips for Emergency Toothache Relief

Managing toothache can be difficult because your brain can’t really focus on anything else. Nonetheless, here are some tips that may help your case:

  • Using a cold compress on the aching tooth
  • Keeping your head elevated, even during sleep
  • Using a gentle approach to brushing your teeth
  • Not eating anything hard or crunchy
  • Steering clear of smoking or chewing tobacco

What Causes Toothaches?

Not knowing why your tooth hurts can be frustrating. After all, you need to know the cause to treat it accordingly and get rid of the annoying toothache. Plus, it would help you eliminate the underlying condition. Some common reasons behind a toothache are:

  • Cavities or tooth decay
  • Abscess
  • An injury to the tooth or nearby areas
  • Gum disease

What’s Next?

If the remedies for emergency toothache relief do not help, you should visit your dentist. Our Smile 4 Ever Family Dentistry team is here to help. Dial (281) 213-5668 to contact them today.

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