Your gums are the protective cover for the roots of your teeth. The gum line is a layer of red muscle tissue that covers the base of all your teeth. The health of your gums is vital to the health of your teeth, oral health, and overall health. Caring for your oral health will ensure your gums stay safe and healthy. But some habits can cause your gums to develop harmful conditions. Gingivitis and periodontitis are some common conditions that people face. There is one rare condition of black gums that occurs only in extreme cases.

Discoloration of gums is a sign that they are facing some biochemical imbalance. Your gums turning black isn’t a common case, but there are some habits and conditions that cause this condition to develop over time. Even people who have these habits rarely face discolored gums. Therefore, it is difficult to pinpoint the issue. Experts recommend not neglecting the situation and don’t try to fix the problem with home remedies. You don’t know what is actually wrong or the source of the problem, so you may do more harm than good. Make sure you book an appointment with your nearest emergency dental care facility as soon as possible.

Why are My Gums Black

Smoking is one of the most prevalent causes of discoloration in your gums. Frequent smoking gets your mouth dehydrated. The lack of water will cause the gum tissue to lose its color. In extreme cases, smoking will cause your gums to turn dark brown as if there is no life in your gums.

Chewing Tobacco
Chewing tobacco is also a very common cause of black gums. As you keep chewing tobacco over time, it will leave its color on your teeth and gums. It also damages both your teeth and gums. Overtime this damage completely changes the color of your gums to black

Addison’s Disease
This is a hormone disorder that affects the adrenal gland. This gland is responsible for producing different hormones, and Addison’s disease hinders this ability. This disease commonly causes dark patches on joints, but it can also cause your gums to turn very dark.

Black gums during teething
This is a common situation for children. If a new tooth is growing but is unable to penetrate out of the gum, the surrounding area could swell up and turn black. This can cause discomfort for the child and, therefore, should be examined by a doctor soon.

How to Get Rid of Back Gums?

Taking care of your oral health and regular dental checkups (once every 6 months) is key to a good-looking smile. If your black gums are due to your habits, you can restore your gums by adopting good habits and leaving bad ones. If the discoloration is because of damage, then teeth whitening will be a good option. In case of a disease, the dentist will start the treatment first, and successful treatment can restore the look of your gums.


Many habits and conditions cause black gums because of many reasons. You can prevent all these problems with proper care and dental checkups. In the case of dental health, early diagnosis is the best remedy. If you need experts to look after your dental care, you can contact Smile 4 Ever Family Dentistry at 281-213-5668.

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