Unaligned teeth are common among children. These out-of-alignment teeth can cause kids to be sensitive regarding their smiles. A child’s teeth can move out of alignment for many reasons, like sucking the thumb often or pushing the tooth by the tongue while growing. Children often face unaligned teeth, and most times, it is so subtle that they even forget it. But some children face severe out-of-alignment teeth, and braces for kids are available for such cases. Once a child gets a proper screening and braces plan, they can get braces but are they a good idea for young kids?

Once a child gets braces, they can’t hide them. Braces are very visible, and some people may even consider them unattractive. The main obstacle a child has to face while getting braces is the social interactions in his/her life. If a child is sensitive about getting braces and has anxiety, the parents must build up their confidence. Braces for children can work wonders. Going through the procedure in early life can ensure lifelong results. This is why most children with crooked teeth often muster up the courage to get braces. With a maximum 36-month-long procedure, a child’s teeth can look completely aligned and with a perfect smile, with the help of some expert dentists.

How do Braces Work for Kids?

Children’s braces are not different from adults. But it’s recommended that children from 9 to 14 years old should get braces because around this age, their bodies are still growing. The growth factor generates perfect placement on the jawbone to accommodate the new alignment of the teeth. As a child is still growing at this age, the results are permanent until they reach young adulthood. Studies have shown that children get more braces as compared to adults. This is a fact because when handled by an expert, braces yelled better results for children than adults.

The procedure of getting braces is the same for kids. Brackets are attached to your teeth, and a metal wire is braided between them. The dentist will tighten the wire to push the teeth in the right direction. During the screening process, the dentist calculates the correct alignment for your teeth along with the pressure and time needed to bring your teeth into that alignment. As the wire pushes the teeth into alignment, it gets loose. The dentist will pre-schedule your appointment for the whole treatment plan, and you will have to visit every time the wire of your braces gets loose. Over time your teeth reach the right alignment resulting in a perfect smile.


Kids’ braces are not different from adults but do provide better results. If you have a child who as crooked or out-of-alignment teeth, then braces are a great choice to fix the issue. A better-looking smile means a more confident child. Braces can fix several teeth alignment problems like overbite, underbite, double teeth, buck teeth, teeth gaps, and teeth stuck inside the gums. These are a few examples of what braces can help fix. If you need expert braces plan for your child, please contact Smile 4 Ever Family Dentistry at 281-213-5668

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