If you need an oral surgery consultation, then you might be feeling nervous. Surgery can be scary, and the idea of a dental procedure can make a lot of people feel vulnerable. Don’t panic though. While it’s perfectly normal to be anxious, you have nothing to worry about. Your dentist will use your consultation to answer all of your questions. We’ll go over what happens during an oral surgery consultation below. That way, you will know what to expect before your appointment.

Meet Your Surgeon

During a consultation, you will meet with your surgeon. This is your opportunity to ask them questions before your procedure. They will outline the entire process with you and go over the goals of the surgery. They will also talk to you about recovery and also your long-term dental goals. While surgeries can be intimidating, talking to your surgeon will make you feel more comfortable.

Share Medical History

Before any surgery, a doctor or dentist will need to check your medical history. This will ensure that you are healthy enough for surgery. It will also help your dentist to understand your background so that they can care for you correctly. If you have records or x-rays from another dentist, then bring them to your consultation as well. This will help your oral surgeon get an overall picture of your health.

Physical Exam

Lastly, a physical exam will be performed. Your oral surgeon will look inside your mouth and examine the surgery site. They will check for any recent changes so they can prepare for your procedure. They will also give you tips for a healthy recovery after surgery.

Oral Surgery in Houston

At Smile 4 Ever Family Dentistry, we make oral surgery as easy and comfortable as possible. Our compassionate staff members understand dental anxiety. They will work with you to ensure you feel ready for surgery. To schedule your consultation, call 281-213-5668. You can also book your appointment online.

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