A dental cavity is among the most common teeth problems we face. When you consume something sugary, it reacts with the bacteria in your mouth, forming plaque. With time, the plaque starts to weaken the dental enamel. Slowly, a hole called a cavity starts to appear in your tooth if you do not receive treatment.

Misaligned and crooked teeth are quite vulnerable to decay. But if you have misaligned teeth, you will require an orthodontic treatment such as braces to fix their position. So, can you get braces with cavities? Read this blog to learn!

Can You Get Braces if You Have Cavities?

Your orthodontist will probably recommend consulting a general dentist before they place braces. The reason for this is that cavities get bigger with time, and braces will only accelerate the decay. Even if you have straight teeth, in the end, you will have a much bigger problem to deal with.

If you do have cavities, the general dentist will recommend a suitable treatment. Therefore, you may need to get dental fillings, crowns, root canals, or even extraction. After you have received proper treatment for the decay, your dentist might deem it safe for you to receive orthodontic treatment. This means your teeth will be in a healthy condition before you get started with braces, which usually take a long time to be effective.

So, in simple words, it is better to visit your general dentist before you proceed with orthodontic treatment. This way, you can resolve and address any dental concerns before you step into your braces.

How Long After Teeth Filling Can I Get Braces?

It is okay to get braces immediately after you have your fillings. Nonetheless, it is recommended to wait a few days to ensure no discomfort or complications take place. Once your filling is good to go, you can go to your orthodontist for the required treatment.

What Happens When You Have Cavities With Braces

If you do have cavities with braces, here are some consequences to expect:

  1. Breaking Teeth: Cavity only spreads, and your teeth will start breaking into pieces over time. You will require additional treatment for the fractured or broken teeth.
  2. Discomfort & Pain: If you have a cavity, it will only get bigger and deeper, spreading to the nerve tissue. In that case, you’ll need a root canal treatment.
  3. Compromised Teeth Aesthetics: Cavities also affect the appearance of your teeth. So, your smile will not look aesthetic.

When you choose to neglect cavity treatment and proceed with braces, it will only postpone bigger issues. Tooth decay advances the longer you ignore it, slowly forming cavities and making your tooth health progressively worse. If you add braces to cavities, the results will be detrimental. Therefore, get treated for cavities before you proceed with the braces procedure.

What Should I Do?

If you have cavities, it is better to address them before you get braces. Otherwise, untreated tooth decay will only bring forth further issues after your orthodontic treatment starts.

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