Have you noticed vertical lines or cracks on the surface of your teeth? They’re known as craze lines on teeth! Also known as hairline cracks or superficial cracks, these lines can result in stains on teeth as well. Although craze lines are not that serious, they can still affect your smile. In this blog, you can learn the causes and more about the vertical lines on your teeth.

Craze Lines in Teeth Causes

Usually, craze lines are not that serious, but what causes them is. Therefore, you should always keep an eye out for anything usual regarding your teeth and notify your dentist when you notice something. Some reasons why craze lines appear on teeth are:

  • Bruxism: If you have the habit of grinding, clenching, or gnashing your teeth, it can result in multiple dental health issues, including craze lines.
  • Misalignment of Teeth: Some people have misaligned bites, meaning their teeth do not occlude normally. This could lead to vertical lines on teeth.
  • Frozen or Hard Foods: Biting on ice, frozen foods, and hard food can also result in craze lines.
  • Habits: Do you bite your nails? Perhaps, you use your teeth to open bottles? These habits can affect your teeth and wear down the enamel as well.
  • Wear & Tear: As you age, your teeth wear and tear due to stress and other factors. Thus, you could develop vertical lines on the surface of your teeth due to aging.
  • Temperature Changes: Hairline cracks can also be due to extreme temperature changes. So if you frequently switch from a hot meal to a cold one or vice versa in an instant, it can affect your smile.

Difference Between Craze Lines & Teeth Cracks

Cracks and craze lines are quite different. While cracks can be severe and require prompt dental attention, craze lines are not as serious. In fact, craze lines on teeth are a kind of minor crack.

When you crack a tooth, painful symptoms like swelling, sensitivity, sharp pain, and more occur. In comparison, craze lines bring no such symptoms. Furthermore, you may not even realize you have craze lines unless you check for them. Sometimes, the craze lines turn gray, yellow, or brown since they make your teeth prone to discoloration. In simple terms, vertical lines on teeth are more of a cosmetic concern, whereas cracks require immediate dental attention. Keep in mind, though, that craze lines increase the likelihood of cavities.

Treatment for Craze Lines On Teeth

There are multiple options to get rid of craze lines on your teeth. For instance, using whitening strips and whitening toothpaste can reduce vertical marks. In addition, you can opt for effective professional treatments. Composite-resin filling, in-office teeth whitening, and dental veneers are some promising alternatives to fix your smile.

Preventing Vertical Cracks

The following tips can help you prevent the craze lines from developing on your teeth:

  • Avoid biting your nails
  • Do not open bottles with your teeth
  • Refrain from chewing on frozen or cold food
  • Consult your dentist for a mouthguard r nightguard to decrease the effects of bruxism
  • Reduce the amount of teeth-staining items in your diet, such as coffee, red wine, and more
  • Steer clear of tobacco products

What’s Next?

There are many factors behind craze lines on teeth. Hence, you can consult a dental professional to get rid of them and practice good oral hygiene. Our Smile 4ever Dentistry team can help brighten your smile with our promising procedures. Dial (281) 213-5668 to book an appointment now. You can also visit our clinic at 14715 TC Jester Blvd Houston, Texas 77068.

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