Are you struggling with yellow teeth?

Multiple factors can cause yellow teeth, but people usually associate them with poor oral hygiene. But what if you are brushing your teeth every day but still have yellow teeth? It can be pretty embarrassing to have a dull smile, and you might find yourself covering your mouth with your hand. So, if your question is: why are my teeth yellow when I brush them every day? Read this blog to find out!

Reasons Why Your Teeth Are Yellow When You Brush Them Every Day

You can follow a proper and regular oral care routine yet still have yellow teeth. Below, we will list possible reasons why this happens:

1. Medications:

A common reason behind discoloration of teeth is the medications you are taking. Saliva prevents your teeth from stains by covering the enamel, and the neutral pH levels also help prevent the acid from foods you eat from eroding the enamel. However, you might be taking a medicine that decreases the saliva levels in your mouth, leading to yellow teeth. Once this happens, your teeth might not become white even after you brush them daily.

2. Bruxism:

Do you indulge in teeth grinding? It can be pretty damaging to your teeth, but a significant effect is that your dental enamel becomes thinner. This exposes the dentin layer, which is yellower in color, and your teeth will look yellow even after brushing.

3. Foods & Drink:

If you are a lover of red wine, coffee, tea, and other foods or beverages that stain your teeth, it could explain why you have discoloration. These foods and drinks dull your smile over time due to the pigmentation they leave behind. You might need professional teeth whitening to get rid of the stains!

4. Smoking:

Yes, smoking can affect your overall health and make your teeth appear yellow as well. The nicotine and tar in tobacco are responsible for discoloring your teeth — they leak into your porous enamel, leaving behind stubborn stains. So, if you regularly smoke, your teeth will have a yellow and discolored appearance. Talk to your dentist if this happens to you for suitable treatments!

5. Physical Trauma:

Believe it or not, an accident or injury can also turn your smile dull. When your teeth undergo a physical impact, it might result in a cracked or damaged enamel — it can even affect the inner core of your teeth. You may notice that your teeth appear yellow or discolored due to the damage. It is possible to treat the discoloration, but it might be a sign of a dying tooth, which will need immediate dental attention.

What’s Next?

You may have intrinsic stains on your teeth, which could be why they are yellow even after you brush them every day. Other than this, smoking, injury, medications, and foods or beverages can cause yellow teeth, too.

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